My First Post

Dear Friends:

Although I’ve blogged before, it’s been years since I last wrote anything. Back then, my chosen topics never really strayed from random updates about goings-on in my college life. As I grew older (but not grew up) it became ever evident to me how inconsequential, and uninteresting, some of those posts were…to the point that even I don’t have any desire to ever go back and read any of that. My hope is that this new endeavor will be a departure from that. That, although I may never arrive at any earth-shattering revelations, that some of my discoveries and adventures that I blog about here will at least be of interest to someone (at the very least, myself).

Some of the things I plan to write about include rising Asian homegrown brands, the differences in color usage habits and preferences across the globe, new product and trend reviews, the quirks of the Chinese market, retail spaces, Asian-American vs. Asian-Asian beauty, best/worst e-commerce sites, consumer trend analysis and last, and perhaps least, intermittent updates on goings-on in my life.

I hope you enjoy it!


About jessyclaire

A blogger passionate about the beauty industry and the quirky beauty differences across the globe.
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