Mooncake Season

It’s mooncake season, and that signifies both good and bad things. It means delicious, sticky, sweet mooncakes (yes!), and the consequences of indulging in them (bad).

But because I’m a proponent of justifying the unadvisable actions I take in my life, let me tell you about all the wonderful beauty benefits of this delightful seasonal food that I just so happened to research and discover.

Well, first, let me introduce the mooncake to the uninitiated. It’s a small cake, (hence: moon “cake”). Typically shared among family and friends every fall in celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节). On the outside, its tender skin is usually, in the Hong Kong style, a rich, glazed brown with some design symbolizing good fortune imprinted on the top. The skin is chewy and tender and encases the glorious filling within. The glorious filling is lotus seed paste (available in light and dark varieties. personal favourite: light.) It’s a rich, sticky, sweet, filling — all the characteristics that typically indicate a sinful food. But to separate this from other dessert delights, this takes sinfulness a step further and throws in a dark egg yolk in the middle (in case you’re entertaining diabetes AND a heart attack). Its presence is justified by the fact it represents the moon. Hence: “Moon”cake.

Now, for the beauty benefits…

Crucial Ingredient #1: Lotus Seed Paste
Made from crushed lotus seeds ground into a sweet paste, the lotus seed is renowned for its anti-aging properties. It fortifies the stomach, heart and kidneys. Its “neutral” qualities calm the mind, cure insomnia, relieve fatigue, and prevent aging of hair follicles (thus, promoting hair growth and delaying graying.) According to this site, it’s the anti-aging enzyme L-isoaspartyl methyltransferase that supposedly helps repair damaged proteins. Thus, many beauty companies are now trying to figure out how to incorporate this into anti-aging products. Moreover, Water Gardeners International website purports that lotus seeds contain kaempferol, which is a natural flavonoid which prevents inflammation, thus, helps repair aging gum tissue.

Crucial Ingredient #2: Egg Yolk
The salty, hardened yolk that is surely still as healthy as it is in its fresh, unpreserved form contains Vitamin E and Selenium which protects cells from oxidation, which, as a result, prevents dry skin and protects skin from the sun. Egg yolks are a rich source of Vitamin A, which contains retinol, an ingredient which great for the skin and popularly found in many acne and skin treatments. There are also a  host of other friendly vitamins and minerals, which together, act as an anti-oxidant and effectively rid your skin’s surface of impurities (hence, it’s popular use in DIY face masks).

Now, there may or may not be other ingredients including, sugar, milk, etc. but I don’t think there’s really room for these in a proper justification of inadvisable actions, is there? (Note: there are other new “modern” variations, but I get little enjoyment out of these.)

And finally, aside from obvious tastiness, the other thing I love about mooncakes are the boxes they come in!


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4 Responses to Mooncake Season

  1. cclarebear says:

    perfect!! we just bought some tonight and i was wondering about how fatty they might be. now i don’t have to worry, apparently! sweeeeeeeeet.

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