Jason Wu and CND Partner on New Nail Collection

Just got word from WWD and All Lacquered Up that Jason Wu, in collaboration with CND, will be launching a collection of designer nail polish colors. And already I’m a fan.

Now, there’s no telling when it’ll actually make it all the way over to Asia. But, alas, a girl can still lust, no?

The Jason Wu Nail Color and Effects collection was created very much with the designer’s signature aesthetic in mind, and as such, will be a perfect complement to his runway designs this season. What I find particularly interesting is how he uses the language of fabrics and textiles to describe the new collection. From WWD we learn that the limestone-gray Miss Wu’s satin finish as being created with a layering technique. And the supposed Anna effect is a result of tiny pieces of silk within giving “nails depth like feathers do on garments.” To add to the complexity, the shade Miss Wu features contrasting masculine silver undertones and feminine pink upper tones: “a dichotomy [that] completely explains him.”

The collection will not available for purchase until May 2011, so I intend to keep an eye firmly on CND.com until then. CND and Jason Wu have carefully designed these colors with the intention of creating an elegant “staple” — so here’s hoping that I’ll still want the colors then!


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