In Defense of Beauty

You know how every so often you chance upon an article or come across a blog entry that just has you silently nodding “yes, yes,..I agree!” as you read through it?

So I’m a big fan and follower of beauty blogger Nadine Jolie and just last week read one of those nod-worthy entries. As I’ve just started doing this myself, it felt particularly appropriate to include it now while I’m still figuring out what I have to say here and how I plan to do it.

“The Importance of Beauty” addresses the critics out there who are of the opinion that the serious pursuit and  (academic, recreational, professional or personal) interest in beauty is frivolous, unimportant, and essentially a waste of time. I happen to believe in the value of it: it’s power, it’s history, and it’s quirky, but essential, role in our society. But truly, no one says it better than she does. (Click the quote below to read the full article.)

“It’s precisely because of all this bad stuff (i.e., huge disasters like the wars in Iraq, the conflicts in Pakistan, the devastation in Haiti; as well as mini-tragedies that rock individual worlds, like cheating spouses, cancer diagnoses, or foreclosed homes and foreclosed dreams) that we need a little levity and balance and diversion and, yes, beauty in life.”


About jessyclaire

A blogger passionate about the beauty industry and the quirky beauty differences across the globe.
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2 Responses to In Defense of Beauty

  1. Bree says:

    Hi Jessieclaire!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!
    How good is Nadine Jolie’s blog?! I love it and am so grateful she agreed to be profiled on mine. 🙂

    • jessyclaire says:

      Hey no problem, like I said, I’m happy to have discovered it! (via the Nadine Jolie article, no less). Thanks for stopping by mine! PS. I’m brand new at this, so let me know if you have any expert tips on how I can improve!

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