Chinese Foods For Better Beauty

Photo Credit: Guo Yingguang

We all know that beauty comes from within. And it’s literally true: what you ingest is manifested in your health, your physical appearance, and thus, as a result of the two, your demeanor, carriage of self, and spirit.

The Chinese, with their history of traditional herbal remedies and preventative tonics and soups, have been trying to tap into the secret of maintaining beauty from within for thousands of years. There’s a huge focus on preventative health in Chinese medicine and still a prevailing appreciation of natural beauty. So, as you’d imagine, the Chinese have fine-tuned a plethora of herbal tricks and cure-alls to target any beauty need.

I was about to pull on my investigative hat once again and do some exploring, but Vivawoman beat me to it and wrote a fabulously comprehensive survey of the best that TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) has to offer.

Check it out:

“Being a Chinese means I do eat some of the exotic Chinese food for beauty on a rather frequent basis. Amongst these are the strangest looking fungi, herbs and roots. Even though the benefits of these are subjective and some of them do not even have sufficient clinical studies to back them up, I’ve been taking them quite diligently. Many of these Chinese herbs have specific benefits for our skin and today, I’ll show you some of the strange stuff that I’ve been consuming that have both beauty and health benefits.

In the meantime, I’m planning my follow-up report with some research into how these traditional medicines are being reinterpreted by brands like Herborist and She, often fused with biotechnology, resulting in some pretty neat modern beauty treatments and skincare products that draw from the best of all worlds.

Stay tuned and healthy!


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