The Beauty Obsession of a Nation

One of the reasons China is such an exciting beauty market is because there are so many women that have yet to form regular beauty habits and simply aren’t used to using make-up the way we’re used to seeing in the West.

BUT if the bookstores, magazines, and television shows are anything to go by – this is something that’s changing right before our eyes. (In fact, by the time I’m done with this entry, it may have already happened).

This image is from a bookstore I was at yesterday. That’s just one wall. The other side is also filled with beauty books. Plus one more standalone row of books behind that.

Have you ever seen anything like it at a Western bookstore? I know I haven’t.

These are books on how to buy cosmetics, how to apply, how to try fun new looks from China/Korea/Japan/Taiwan, how to look fab and glamorous at 20, how to look fab and glamorous at 40, glamour secrets of Chinese women, beauty foods, why beauty will bring you love, success, joy, [insert other form of glory here]. They’re written by professional make-up artists, girls next door, up-and-coming celebs desperate for fame and a fan following, movie stars, and singers. They’re thin slip-‘em-in-your bag issues or massive beauty bible tomes.

美容大王 by 大s

According to, Barbie Hsu, or 大s as she is known to her faithful female followers, was behind the first beauty book phenomenon. I’d love to get my hands on this book that girls are supposedly revering as beauty gospel. It apparently has really great, easy-to-follow tips and her thoughts on her favorite products. A simple action that, as a result, has caused said product(s) to fly off shelves.

I think a book review is in store. Stay tuned.


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A blogger passionate about the beauty industry and the quirky beauty differences across the globe.
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