Beauty Tips For Every Blood Type

On my way home from Chinese lessons last week I stopped by the supermarket to buy a can opener and dish soap (not actually the easiest thing to find). On my way out, I picked up a Chinese fashion mag.

As I flipped through the Chinese SELF beauty supplement, which, by the way, also has a great summary of beauty brands and products in China, I flipped to an interesting article which took me completely by surprise. It’s called“怎么化妆,保养?血型决定!”or “Blood Type Tells All…” and basically outlines the beauty product choices you should make based on your blood type! I’ve never heard of such a thing, but, yes, what it purports is that everybody has a different body/chemical make-up, or harmony(阴阳型), that affects your health, skin quality, skin tone, and thus, the way you treat your skin and the products, even colors, you use should be chosen accordingly.

I think it’s a fascinating approach to beauty. I haven’t decided if I buy it yet. Do you?

Here’s my translation of the article, for those of you who are curious.

If You Are Blood Type A
If You Are Blood Type B
If You Are Blood Type AB
If You Are Blood Type O

If You Are Blood Type A

For a person with blood type A, the most important foods for maintaining nutritional balance are cereals. Your body’s composition of starch and sugar is simpler compared to other blood types, and you only need to eat the most basic of foods to maintain a decent standard of health. You don’t suit eating a lot of meats because your ability to absorb fats is far inferior to those of other blood types. “Lots of veg, little meat,” will allow you to keep your skin in a good state. You don’t sweat a whole lot, even in the summer, nor do you have issues with shininess. The pores on your face are small; don’t use too much foundation, and you can still have comparatively good skin.


Watson's Olive Oil

Use lots of olive oil: Olive oil is the kind of base oil used in make-up. For blood type As with small, thin pores, and who sweat little, too many chemical ingredients will cause your skin stress. Unscented olive oils have naturally oil-soluble vitamins to nourish the skin of a blood type A. We suggest you use refined olive oils. This type of olive oil will provide your skin’s cells with a unique fatty acid, making your skin appear more smooth and supple.

Skin protection begins with warmth: Making a habit of eating veggies will give people with blood type A a relatively lower basis body temperature compared to other blood types. In a slightly cooler state our skin tightens, and when the skin is tense, it can cause fine lines to form. Skin specialists suggest that if you are a person with blood type A, don’t wear your summer clothes too far into early fall. Just by keeping yourself warm, you can have younger, healthier-looking skin.


Givenchy's Photo'Perfexion

Use a light-coverage, breathable, foundation: The purpose of foundation is to conceal your facial flaws, to make skin appear finer and smoother, and to promote a healthy skin color. Blood type As, with their small pores, should especially pay attention to foundation color. When you lack sleep or when skin is dark and dull, use a brightening, illuminating foundation. But if you’re particularly happy with your own skin, just choose a light, breathable foundation. Heavy layers of foundation can clog pores, inhibiting your skin’s ability to breathe freely, instead, reducing your skin’s beautiful natural advantages. Additionally, the moisture content within the lens of A’s eyes is comparatively higher so to play up your natural advantages, emphasize your eye make-up to give you the enchanting eyes of a goddess.


If You Are Blood Type B

Blood type experts guess that B blood types originated from the nomadic people from mountainous regions. As a result, because original environments were varied, Bs can better absorb and ingest more types of foods compared to other blood types. Their digestive ability is generally better than the other 3 blood types. B’s skin tone is usually relatively shallow. The skin cuticle is thinner, so the state of the skin changes like moods. Your skin is of the sensitive type; the slightest change, like the gentle rustle of grass in the wind, can cause you irritation.


Choose a mildly acidic cleanser: B’s rate of metabolism is relatively fast, so your skin might product more oil. Experts recommend that if you are blood type B to use a mildly acidic cleanser. First of all, using this kind of cleanser will give you clearer, rejuvenated skin, removing dirt from your pores.  Secondly, the pH of the skin on a blood type B’s face is between 4.8 and 5.6, already slightly acidic. Using a cleanser similar to your skin’s pH to cleanse and purify will give you a clearer, more rejuvenated result. Moreover, for sensitive skinned B’s, alkali cleansing milks will often irritate the skin’s surface, making it prone to outbreaks and inflammation. SELF especially doesn’t recommend you use scented soaps to wash your face.

Lancaster Flash Smoothing Scrub

Choose exfoliating products: Scrubs will make your skin fine and smoother, giving it a glow. But B’s have thinner skin, so it’s especially important to be careful when choosing a scrub. We recommend that you do not choose scrubs with exfoliating beads that are too coarse, because when you exfoliate, they could damage the skin cells, causing fine lines to form. When you pay attention to your neck, use an upward or downward rubbing motion utilizing natural resistance. But not every area can take exfoliation. If the sides of your nostrils are more sensitive, turning red with the slightest breeze, thus illustrating a thinner skin cuticle, avoid scrubbing too much in those areas.


Oscar De La Renta

Use gold to brighten your face color: Color experts call B’s “Golden People” because they are lively, dynamic, and sparkle amongst a crowd. The dark gold family of colors suit the exuberant B’s. When you apply base color, blend a buildable highlighting powder with your liquid foundation, creating a brilliant pearly finish. For the cheeks, blend liquid blush with highlighter to create a beautiful, glowing, rosy tint. Additionally, shimmery brown shadows harmonize well with a gold mascara, resulting in a beautiful effect that will draw all eyes to you in any crowd.

Use “slow eat” application method: There’s an interesting finding by the cosmetology research center saying that of all women, B’s take the least time to do their makeup. This has to do with their naturally restless character. But if you want your makeup to be sophisticated and refined, we suggest you slow the tempo down! This year the global trend is all about a slower pace, and makeup artists are applying it to their work. No matter what you apply on the face, remember to first put some in the palm of your hand, then use warm fingertips to lightly tap the product onto the face. If you coordinate with a massaging action, you’ll get even better results. If you use a “slow eat” technique, you’ll be amazed at what you see: that actually makeup is a slow, magical art.


If You Are Blood Type AB:

The AB blood type is the most recently discovered/classified of the four blood types. If you are an AB, you often have a better ability to adapt. The AB’s skin’s ability to protect itself from the sun is relatively good. Due to AB’s tendency to act mature for their age, the rate that the skin ages can also appear faster. AB’s belong to the mucus type, so their “qi” (or blood circulation/energy flow) is not too good, so the likelihood of anaemia or other such ailments occurring is high. According to expert’s analysis, the pale, sickly/frail beautiful Lin Dai Yu (ancient Chinese beauty of lore) was an AB.


Minimize the use of tap water to wash the face: Due to your maturity, competence, and ability to adapt, you are often one step of your peers when it comes to your career. At the same time, be careful, there is a tendency for expression lines to appear on your face and signs of aging to emerge. Be careful when choosing water to wash your face. Tap water tends to be “hard water,” and aside from the fact that it lacks beneficial minerals, it also contains a lot of impurities, easily causing your skin to age. Mineral spring water is the best choice, but using mineral spring water every day to wash your face is not too realistic. So SELF suggests that if you are blood type AB, to use boiled tap water to wash your face. Everyday after boiling water be sure to discard the old water and scale from the bottom of the kettle. Additionally, when water is at a temperature of approximately 42 degrees celsius, it’s the most comfortable for your skin.

Apply egg whites to your face: Egg whites contain precious nutritional content. It affects the skin by replenishing nutritional substances, and for AB’s who often have an unbalanced “qi”, egg whites also promoted the red blood cells’ ability to absorb oxygen. Applying egg white on the face is a fave trick of Korean celeb 金喜善, who’s been doing this since she was 20. She, an AB, listens to her private specialist’s suggestions, and everyday applies egg white to her face, so while she improves her skin’s inner glow, she’s also delaying her skin’s aging. Every time you apply the egg white, it is best to apply for about one minute. If you keep the egg white on your face too long, it will pull the moisture from your skin’s cells, drying out your skin. Make sure you wash the egg white off before it’s fully dry, that way not only will you prevent your skin’s moisture from being washed away, you will still be able to absorb all the benefits.


Yue Sai Nail Enamel

Use bright nail polish: due to issues with blood “qi” (or circulation/energy flow), if you’re a person with blood type AB you will often have pale face color. But in the East where fair is beautiful, a fairer skin tone matches perfectly with bright cosmetics, instead, making you really stand out in a spectacular way. A pair of hands is  like a woman’s second face. Beauty experts recommend that if you are blood type AB to use brightly colored nail polish. Delicate, long, fair ten fingers suit red, purple or chocolate-brown, etc. hues of dazzling polish color, and can really lift your mood. After applying the color, you can also apply a layer of clear polish. This way you protect your nail polish color for longer, keeping it bright. Additionally, if you’re always using your hands, you’ll likely cause wear and tear on the ends of your nail polish color. When this situation occurs, we suggest you use a bit of silver color, and in the style of a French manicure, draw on a border. Thus creating an unexpected beautiful nail result.

Use concealer correctly: Blood type AB’s are sure to be careful of their public image. If you want to stay fair for others, maintaining a perfect, beautiful image, you need to ensure that you don’t have any spots on your skin’s surface, deducting points from your skin quality. If you have pimples on the surface of your face, we recommend lightly applying a concealer pen, using your fingertips to pat it in. Definitely do not apply it too thickly. For swollen pimples, choosing a green-based color concealer is most effective. SELF suggests that you don’t use concealer on inflamed or open pimples, not only will you not be able to properly conceal it, but you’ll also allow it to become infected with bacteria.


If you are blood type O:

Traditional blood type experts think O is the oldest of all blood types, with the constitution of our hunter ancestors from ancient times. Type Os often love eating meats and other high protein foods. Present-day Eskimos are mostly blood type Os, and they generally have better body strength and skin with an impressive ability to withstand the cold. But because of the increased ability to absorb/ingest meats, Os pores are generally coarser, they sweat often, and their skin’s ability to protect itself from the sun is not very good. Compared to other blood types, O’s skin is more likely to dry up.


Get your beauty sleep every night: For people with blood type O, getting sleep is extremely important. The skin’s ability to restore itself is at it’s greatest between 2 – 3am in the morning and 1 – 2pm in the afternoon. Therefore, even though your job may be busy, skin professionals still recommend that if you are blood type O you should be getting to bed before 2am. Furthermore, you only need to sleep continuously for 8 hours straight, and you won’t have too many issues with your skin.

Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel

Moreoever, getting 45-60 minutes sleep in the afternoon is also beneficial for your skin. But sleep too long and you’ll “hypnotize” your cells, causing them to take longer to adjust back to the environment when you awaken, thus causing your skin to dull.

Avoid using foaming cleansers: Foaming cleansers are not for everyone. For blood type Os, the skin already releases a lot of oil and sweat, and using a foaming cleanser will bring about more oil and moisture making your skin taut so far as to dry it out. As much as possible, choose a milder cleansing lotion or gel cleanser. When washing your face use a massaging motion, prolonging washing time as appropriate, making it just as effective as using a product that lathers.


Use products that contain SPF: Don’t assume the sun is only at work during the summer! Blood type O’s skin’s ability to protect from the sun is not good. Choose products that contain SPF. During early fall, using makeup with around SPF 15 is sufficient. During the winter, we suggest you use a foundation with an SPF of around 10.

Givenchy's Touch of Light Highlighting Pen

Use a highlighting pen to accent your features: People with blood type O originated from hunters, due to their ancient ancestors’ diet and lifestyle, O’s often have bigger builds and more prominent features. Use pen-style highlighting product to make your 3D features stand out, attracting more attention. When using a highlighter, try drawing a line along the bridge of your nose, then use to your fingertips to tap evenly tap it in. Under light, your nose will look even more pronounced. But don’t, whatever you do, apply on the tip of your nose, otherwise you’ll make your nostrils look massive. Also, a highlighter can be used between your eyebrows, underneath your eyes, in the center of your cheeks, and below, etc. The pearly ingredients will attract refracting beams of light, giving your skin a more vivid and full of life 3D effect, swiftly making you the center of any crowd’s attention.



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30 Responses to Beauty Tips For Every Blood Type

  1. I believe it’s a fascinating marketing ploy. Do tell me if it works. Haha.

  2. It sounds interesting, but I’m not sure if I believe it…

  3. jessyclaire says:

    haha i know, it feels a little bit like reading your horoscope doesn’t it?

  4. Sophia says:

    Very nice article…..O+

  5. Vanz Liza says:

    i wanna try it.. nice article B

  6. ehmiieee says:

    love it article.
    especially the type A.
    my blood type is A+.. nice. 🙂

  7. I just discovered your article now. thanks for sharing. In Thailand blood type based spa treatments are gaining popularity. would be interesting if could write more this… thanks again 🙂

  8. Ian says:

    Good article! I believe in it. This is specifically interesting for people who follow the blood type diet.

  9. waskitahadi says:

    Not quite all true. But at least we could learn how to deal with different kind of skins.

  10. My blood group is o type and information about sleeping time is true,its my personal experience.
    Well i would love to try rest of things.

  11. janedoenut says:

    But don’t, whatever you do, apply on the tip of your nose, otherwise you’ll make your nostrils look massive.

  12. Kambong says:

    Ha.ha.ha.ha. Nasun nal val le, may be I should try from today itself

  13. Becca says:

    The blood type O describes me almost to the letter. I am taller than most women, have a larger head and more prominent features. I am stronger than I look, but lack the stamina. Rather, I can carry things and do things in short bursts of energy and strength which many other women can’t seem to tackle, but then I’ve got to rest. I am often complemented on my beautiful skin, which I am very diligent to take care of. Being pale, I always wear sunscreen. I am of mostly Norwegian-Germanic ancestory, and I’m sure that is where my blood type comes from.

  14. Lisa . says:

    I’m rh negative and its odd but true. I have a phenomenonal immune system, an extra vertebrae a and at 46 I look and feel 30!!!!! As a child my eyes were blue and now are hazel I’m genius and I’m very curious lineage is all about

  15. mary tournillon says:

    I have the book, “Eat Right for Your Blood Type”, so I am definitely onboard.

  16. gy says:

    it’s a nice one. AB

  17. Spot on with this write-up, I seriously believe that this web site needs a great deal more attention. I’ll probably be back again to see
    more, thanks for the advice!

  18. I’m also rhetoric b negative good beauty tips ..we r good hunters….

  19. Marian Poole says:

    Are fruit lotions ok for o positive blood? Such as coconut or orange. Does it make a difference?

  20. I’m RH negative
    All you said in here is what I experience about my skin. I will consider the sleeping hours and the rest time in afternoons. Thanks a lot for this blog

  21. Angela says:

    That’s too funny. Some of it may be true, but I am a type O and have never been much of a sweater and have never been able to develop much of a taste for meat. My skin is not thick or corse it all. There are somethings that fit me, like, I do have a little bit thicker bones with slightly wide hips, kind of tall 5’7″ , my skin does look younger and more radiant when I get my 8 hours of sleep at night. I do have prominent facial features such as high cheekbones. I guess more than half is true for me. But it’s always very interesting and entertaining to me the way that Asian cultures study all these details sometimes you can pickup some very useful information from them but mostly for me it’s just fun.

  22. William Erbes says:

    As an O positive type for skin care i find it irrelevant because i use foamy facial scrubs a lot and nothing bad happens to my skin plus i prefer not to have oily skin due to the fact that i break out acne too easily both zits, blackheads, whiteheads, clogged up oil glands that form into puss-like, it irritates my sensitive skin and it also creates what looks like hard whiteheads but i believe are cysts.

    as for makeup also irrelevant.

    I don’t think it’s about just the blood type for beauty and dieting because not everyone is equally balanced nor normal. This is probably for people who are O type in general whereas for me i’m not just an O type i have genetic issues such as Klinefelters syndrome which can change the chemistry in the overall body inside and out especially the systems inside the body as well.

    I do believe this article lacks a lot more research and i do have a feeling this article is based by science more and not actual philosophy, history not even genetic history.

    O positive, sensitive skin, not only oily skin but also abnormal oil glands, XXY with a missing chromosome.

    I use egg whites on my face as a reverse aging home remedy it doesn’t effect my skin especially when the eggs are organic and harvested by chickens who are fed in a vegetarian diet with oregano in their drinking water.

    So overall this article is more of a 25% theory and 75% lacking more information.

  23. Lucy says:

    This is interesting and a good article however I have to say I am a blood type a and I am an extremely sweaty person all year round. That little bit of information I would have to say is false the rest I enjoyed reading. Thank you!

  24. zlawerencebowie says:

    I found this blog quite interesting and informative. This blog helped me a lot to understand about SKIN-RELATED ISSUES. I appreciate your efforts in providing people The Use-full Information.
    Good to discover your site Very well article!

    Varna Pigment Specialist in manchester

  25. mchristinasaunders says:

    Thank you for your story. It does help to know you’re not alone with this. Everything you describe is exactly what I am experiencing. I’m hoping his are gentle treatments as was yours.

    Pigmentation treatment in manchester

  26. ermalagasse says:

    This was a very nice blog thanks for sharing such informative posts
    Be the most Beautiful

    Medical Skin treatment in manchester

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