Makeup: One of the Joys of Being a Girl

Me, Childhood, Photo

Me at my mother's vanity table

So as gossipy mothers do, Mum and a friend were chatting, and her friend made a comment to the effect of “My daughter says she doesn’t need to wear make-up because she’s got confidence, [and that’s all she needs]” and when Mum relayed the story back to me, my first instinctual thought was: “But…why wouldn’t you want to?”

Sure we all know and agree that beauty originates from within and resonates throughout, but there’s something magical about how a swipe of blush can fill you with a rush of confidence that just makes you look, and thus feel, all the more energized and beautiful. And thus, confident.

I, personally, get so much enjoyment out of make-up. It’s just fun. It’s one of the true pleasures of being a girl. It’s like being a kid again — everyday I have a new art “project” to pull out my “crayons” to work on. And what can I say, I just feel happiest when I emerge with magic marker (delicately) smeared all over my face.


About jessyclaire

A blogger passionate about the beauty industry and the quirky beauty differences across the globe.
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