Buying an Anti-Aging Serum: The Biotherm Experience

So it’s recommended that you start using anti-aging serums in your mid-twenties. So, as I’ve just passed the mid-twenty mark, I figured it was about time I go explore and pick one up. So I headed to Biotherm because I’ve  always had really good experiences with their products.

The retail space is open with a white aesthetic that emanates a “clean!” vibe. Just walking by a Biotherm store and seeing the visuals featuring moisture and liquid-themed backdrops instantly makes my face feel hydrated. Who says the power of suggestion is not real?

So I walked in, and after finding out about what I was looking for and what products I already used they did a face test on me. The super-nice moisture-advisor held up a gadget to my face and took readings including moisture-content and elasticity. Based on the readings he recommended a regimen.

I walked away with the following products, which thus far, have given me what I expect from a Biotherm product: a clean, hydrated, feeling. And so far, it’s looking like it’s more than just the power of suggestion.

Biotherm Age Fitness Pre-Age Essence

Biotherm Age Fitness Pre-Age Essence
Age Fitness Line
Protein Trainer
Pre-Age Essence Phyto-Active Re-plumper

The products in the Age-Fitness line have been formulated to prevent signs of aging and includes a Protein Trainer Lotion, Protein Trainer Milky Lotion, Power 2 Nuit (night cream), Power 2 Eye Gel, and of course, the Protein Trainer Essence.

Biotherm Acquasource Toning Mousse

Biotherm Aquasource Toning Mousse
Hydra-Mineral Cleanser Toning Mouse
With Balancing Zinc

This cleanser is a Biotherm derma-biotic product that “with a 70-mineral complex and balancing zinc, cleanses and tones without drying skin out. Skin is instantly cleansed and balanced. From 7 days, it radiates with a healthy glow.” I avoid foaming cleansers because I have relatively dry skin, so this smooth, mousse is ideal for me. It comes out as a cream, and with minimal lather smooths on like a mousse. My skin feels refreshed and hydrated after using it. So far: I’m a fan.


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2 Responses to Buying an Anti-Aging Serum: The Biotherm Experience

  1. Ling says:

    I’m a Biotherm fan too!

    • jessyclaire says:

      Great minds think alike! Looks like we’re on the same beauty wavelength – I went to check out your blog and I was just about to do a review of the Shu UV base too! Will definitely link through to your post if I do!

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