China Elle Presents Global Beauties

In the October supplement of China ELLE, there was a pretty interesting article that seemed appropriate for discussion on this blog. It was a feature on “Global Beauties” – essentially, an investigation into beauty practices unique to each country. The countries featured included: USA, France, Italy, Japan, Korea, Russia, Mexico, India, Brazil, and of course, China.

Now, I question how truly scientific the methods behind this so-called investigation are, but found it to be an interesting piece, nevertheless.

A few things that caught my eye?

– The number of references to Botox and cosmetic surgery. ELLE tells us it’s the big trend in multiple countries.

– Apparently Japanese women see make-up purely as a way to make the eyes bigger. A bit dramatic of a statement, I’d say. While I’d agree that Japanese women certainly care a lot about emphasizing the eyes and making them grow through the magic of make-up – there are plenty of other reasons why they use make-up.

– I don’t know many American women that go for a professional skin treatment every month. Nor that many that think the fruit juice fast is the antidote to becoming “fatter and fatter.” But whatever you say, China ELLE!

– I’m pretty sure there’s more to keeping the Brazilian figure than a “miracle” pill. (In fact, it says so in the article too.) So the introductory statement at the beginning is a little misleading…

…And that’s just for starters. Check out the translated article to see for yourself!


French women also love using BB cream, Brazilian women can thank a small miracle pill for their fabulous figures, and Chinese women love their face masks. ELLE investigates global beauty: exposing China to the world…and the world to China.


Fave Homegrown Brand - Herborist

Skincare Practices: The most important skincare benefits are anti-aging, whitening, and moisturizing. Masks are a vital skincare product.

Favorite Slimming Method: Eat fewer carbs, go for acupuncture, yoga, and massages, and drink pu-er tea to expel oil.

Hot Beauty Trend: More and more people are willing to try minor cosmetic surgery, and organic cosmetic products are becoming increasingly popular

Famous Local Brand: Herborist


Don't be fooled by the French name! It's one of Japan's fave homegrown brands: Clé de Peau Beauté

Make-up Practices: The main purpose of make-up is to make eyes look bigger. Clinique’s and Lancome’s mascara have the full approval of Japanese women.

Favorite Slimming Method: The “Half Body Bath” is the Japanese woman’s special body care habit; every day when they bathe, only half the body is soaked in the bath. Going to a spa for a body wrap is another popular slimming method.

Famous Local Brands: Clé de Peau Beauté, SK-II, Doctor-K


Dior's L'Or de Vie L'Extrait

Make-up Practices: Prominent eyeliner with pastel or nude colored lips

Must-have Beauty Products: Lancome Eyeliner, Giorgio Armani Foundation, Dior L’Or de Vie Golden Serum, Fresh Body Milk

Hot Beauty Trend: Most recently, it is becoming common for Korean women to purchase many different types of shampoo, and every time she washes her hair it’s in accordance with the condition of her skin/scalp that day …and she begins by first choosing the most suitable shampoo.


Klorane's Dry Shampoo

Skincare Practices: BB Cream from Korea is favored for its ability to protect skin, and is also used as foundation – it’s fast becoming the French woman’s skincare indulgence.

Favorite Slimming Method: A French woman will add turmeric powder to whatever she’s eating. Every week she will run one hour, paired with yoga.

Hot Beauty Trend: French Women are growing out their hair and pulling it into plaits; stick-straight hair is already out.

Must-Have Beauty Products: L’Oreal Paris Mascara, Klorane no-rinse shampoo, Clarins foundation and Shu Uemura Eyeshadow


Skincare Practices: In the past, Russian women would consider one bottle of face cleanser enough, but now they will buy the whole line of beauty products. Also, they no longer indulge in bright color cosmetics, and instead step back and start by paying attention to skin issues first. They prefer face masks over traditional milk creams.

Favorite Slimming Methods: Russian women don’t trust products that claim to instantly deliver a fine body by just applying – they would rather choose a skin moisturizing milk that requires diligent use and does a good job of moisturizing. Some people will also use honey mixed with coffee grounds as a natural exfoliating lotion.


Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare's Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel

Skincare Practices: American women will go to a skin professional every month to do an exfoliation, and at home will loyally use doctor’s brand skincare products. Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare is one of the most popular doctor brands.

Favorite Slimming Methods: Even though American women are becoming fatter and fatter, fashionistas still believe in a fruit juice fast as the best weight loss method.

Hot Beauty Trend: The American women’s latest craze is an obsession with false eyelashes! Organic skincare products are already mainstream. Botox injections are still growing in popularity and minor surgical facelifts are also rapidly rising


Magnolia Nobile by Acqua di Parma

Skincare Practices: Italian women will freeze a spoon and apply it to the eyelids to reduce swelling

Makeup Practices: Eyeliner is a must – but black eyeliner is a no-no. You can’t leave the house in the morning without a bold red lip.

Favorite Slimming Method: Eat detox food, run, dance

Famous Local Brand: Acqua di parma


Makeup Practices: Blend sunblock into foundation – giving a more natural and long-lasting makeup result

Haircare Practices: Every week, massage plant-based essential oils into the hair and everytime you wash the hair, apply an intensive conditioning serum

Favorite Slimming Method: As much as possible avoid junk food, and form good exercise habits

New Beauty Trend: Mix together honey and table salt to create a DIY scrub to exfoliate the body


Skincare Practices: Botox is the most prevalent wrinkle removal method. Dior is the most popular skincare brand. Mexican women will also commonly take facial cotton soaked with mineral water, freeze it inside the freezer, so they can take it out any time and apply it to their eyes.

Favorite Slimming Method: More and more people are choosing to ride horses as a way to tone and lose weight. When waiting at a red light or riding the elevator, Mexican women will contract their stomach muscles, and find doing this activity all day long can bring good results.


Makeup Practices: Before putting on foundation must apply a primer. Brazilian women find that it controls oil, shrinks pores, and gives make-up a long-lasting result. Nail polish is the most popular beauty product; Brazilian women will dare try any color.

Skincare Practices: Brazilian women like Botox injections and laser treatments. The skin issue Brazilian women are most concerned about is wrinkles. Even though they like a healthy skin color, they do care a lot about sun protection; every day they must reapply a sun-block twice, every time ensuring that every centimeter of the skin is covered

Favorite Slimming Method: The current trend is to take natural vegetable and fruit extract weight loss pills. Aside from this, exercise is definitely an important way for Brazilian Women to maintain their great figures. They will often put up notes all around the home, or enter reminders into their mobile phones, to ensure she never forgets to go to the gym.


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