About Me

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with the beauty industry.

It may have started when I interned at Seventeen Magazine (Singapore) and got my hands on my first goodie bag and wrote my first review. Or it may have started at age 4 when my kindergarten teacher called my mother to inform her that her daughter had somehow managed to pilfer a bottle of her red nail polish and proceed to paint the nails of every member of the class, boys and girls alike.

Either way, neither my professional nor my recreational pursuits have strayed too far from the path I started on so many years ago. And now, thanks to some spark of unexplained inspiration, I feel compelled to bring my thoughts, passions, and experiences to the world wide web.

So what has, all of a sudden, ignited these flames of inspiration?

The first spark may have occurred when, working in a global marketing role, I first discovered how different beauty habits  are across the globe. Or maybe it struck when I returned to Hong Kong at the beginning of the summer of 2010 after wrapping up my MBA in New York to re-discover a dramatically different world governed by uniquely local trends and beauty philosophies.

I suspect, however, that the trigger really went off upon my arrival here in Shanghai, where I’ve been living for a month. I’ve been speaking to all sorts of different people and trying to understand what the market and life here is all about. And there’s a lot to learn.

You could say the genesis of this blog is really a culmination of all that. I am an Asian girl who has suddenly come to realize that the beauty universe is fluid, subject to global and ethnic interpretation, and ultimately, even more fascinating that she had ever imagined.