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Why Sephora China Can Learn A Thing Or Two From Sephora US

YIKES! I called it first! Sephora US has just launched Beauty Talk – the social community for beauty lovers everywhere. And I love it! I pitched a near identical idea to Sephora China a month ago, and now, I may … Continue reading

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The Chinese Makeover

So in my efforts to boost my level of Chinese from its pitiful, deteriorated state, I’ve been watching a lot of Chinese TV. In the apartment I’ve rented for a month here in Shanghai, I have a TV (score!), many … Continue reading

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Photo-Commentary: The Chinese Girl’s Dilemma

I first came across this on Buzz and the City, and thought it was simply hilarious, not to mention, beautifully done. I then came across it again when it was picked up by Little Red Book, and this time, felt … Continue reading

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